7 Worst Things You Can Do to a Console

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Nowadays, almost everyone has a console. Unfortunately, not everybody knows how to take care of one, and that’s leading to the seven atrocities I’m about to tell you about. Don’t do these things, folks.

Put It Next to a Radiator

Radiators get hot. Consoles, in order to function, have to stay relatively cool. You see where this is going? If you allow your console to regularly overheat, you’re not going to have a working console for much longer, especially if you play processing-power intense games.

Leave it in Direct Sunlight

Similar to the radiator problem, you’re going to overheat your console, and end up with a slow, worn-out and broken box. Plus, direct sunlight can fade and weaken plastics, so it’s probably not a good idea full-stop to leave it in direct sunlight for any length of time.

Set it up at a Weird Angle

When it comes to reading discs and playing games, your console might be fine running upside down. But then, it might also laser-score a disc-ruining line into your game, rendering it completely useless for future playing sessions, and successfully flushing a potentially $60 game right down the toilet.

Set your console up the ways it’s meant to be set up, even if it does look cooler on its side. If it does break the disc reader, get in touch with the right Konzolokszervize.hu to get it fixed.

Knock it While Running

This is another fine way to ruin discs and potentially damage your consoles disc reader. Who knows what else could come loose and go wrong from repeated impacts though? Treat your console with respect, like the complex and expensive machine it is.

Attempt to Fix It Yourself

Maybe you did one of the things I’ve mentioned, maybe you didn’t. Either way, your console has stopped running all that great. It’s time to look at getting it repaired. Before you start watching YouTube clips though, consider this.

Do you really want to risk breaking it further? Especially when it could be an easy, quick and cheap fix for a professional? Don’t risk completely destroying your console, take it to the right professional at a Konzolok Szervize.

Let it Get Really Dirty

Electrical devices of all kinds have an annoying tendency to gather dirt and dust, and while that looks rubbish and grubby, it can also have other worse knock-on effects. As your console attempts to keep itself running cool and smooth, with air flowing in and out of the vents and fans, it’s going to be sucking in dust and dirt.

Slowly but surely, allowing your console to fill up with dust is going to break it, so make sure you keep it clean, and give it an occasional vacuum.

Cover Up Vents

The vents on your console are there for a very important reason. They prevent it from overheating and dying on you. Don’t pile other stuff on top of your console, you’ll shorten its lifespan considerably. It needs to be somewhere well ventilated, ideally. If you take it to get repaired professionally (https://www.konzolokszervize.hu), ask them to give the inside a clean while they’re repairing it.