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Proprietors of Android-compatible phones like the HTC magic and also the T-Mobile G1 is going to be pleased as punch to understand there are some good free games available just waiting to become downloaded in the Android Market. Listed here are a couple of to test – along with a couple of to prevent!

Mahjongg – A reasonably faithful rendition from the Japanese pairs game. Regrettably, the touchscreen may be the only input device you can use with this particular game, which virtually rules it unless of course you’ve very slender fingers to decide on the small images with.

mem – This simon-states game, that you need to press a symbol as quickly as possible after its counterpart is displayed, features some pretty zany seem effects, and delay pills work well using the touchscreen, however the lengthy term appeal is rather limited.

Minspace War – A 2D shoot-em-up that utilizes the phones small-keypad like a control surface. Even though the graphics are great and also you suspect it could play much better on the laptop or perhaps a dedicated gaming system, the controls are extremely fiddly to really make it well worth the time that it requires to download.

MisMisMatch – The purpose of this stealthily simple puzzle game would be to press boxes, arranged on the grid, together with your finger, that aren’t presently a part of some to be able to switch on them so they complement an adjacent box, and could be removed from play. There’s a useful tutorial mode to help you with the basics, and an array of difficulty settings.

Pac-Man by Namco – Following the Space Invaders craze of 4 decades ago, came Pac-Man, a yellow ball with eyes whose primary purpose in existence ended up being to munch lower lines of pills, arranged inside a maze, and from time to time consume a couple of flashing ghosts as he was filled with the arrogance that just oranges could offer him. This can be a fine rendition with the original visuals, but neither the touchscreen nor the track ball is actually appropriate for enjoying it with.

Pop Pop Popcorn – Make use of your finger like a virtual heating unit, to heat united nations-sprang popcorn, arranged on the grid, until it pops, but make certain to not leave your finger on two lengthy or surrounding popcorn will burn. Among the finest touchscreen games readily available for the Android platform.

Santas Fight against Terror – This side scrolling platform game features the western worlds favourite generosity metaphor inside a pitched fight from the terrorists. Even though the title might raise some lighter moments or more, the graphics are poor and St. Nick is ridiculously difficult to control, which makes it someone to avoid.

TxtSpeed – Within this game, words scroll in all directions that you simply then need to type in to the miniature keypad as rapidly as you possibly can. Great if you’re attempting to get a handle on typing on the miniature Texting keypad, but a bit boring nevertheless.