Games For Babysitters – Fun With Water

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Here are some games for babysitters who need new ways to entertain kids for hours. These activities are great especially during summer days.

1. Home-made Bubbles

Mix water and soap dish in a basin. Add a tablespoon or two of corn syrup or cornstarch and stir. With a used bubble blower, you are ready to play lots of bubble games such as pop the bubbles, count the bubbles, etc… These simple bubble games for babysitters are really fun.

2. Music Bottles

Look for 5 bottles that have small opening. All bottles must look the same. Pour different quantities of water in each bottle. Blow across the uncovered top of every bottle. Now you and the child can have fun with the different flute-like sounds that each bottle makes.

You can also try glasses of water for children ages 6 up. Instead of blowing, use a spoon to tap on the glass to make music. With this, you will have an instant xylophone.

3. Limbo Dance with Water

This is great for kids who want to play outdoors. Check the garden hose first and see if it is working. The strong stream of water from the hose will serve as the limbo stick where kids would dance and bend backward to pass under it. Begin with high level limbo then go lower after everyone completed the first set. It would be more fun to turn up some music or sing a fun song while dancing.

4. Merry-go-round the Sprinkler

Set up a sprinkler and keep it off first. Let the kids put on swimwear. The game starts when the players go around the sprinkler and do some silly dance moves. When the sprinkler is on, the dancers must not move and wait for the sprinkler to be shut off. Those who move are out of the game and will have to wait for the next round.

These water games for babysitters are great but be sure that you get the parents’ permission to use house items.

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