Get Familiar with Pokémon Gameplay and Start or Add to Your Collection

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For those that are unfamiliar, Pokémon is a wildly popular trading and collectible card game based on the video games and anime content of the same name. Since its conception in 1996, the game has achieved worldwide status and sold upwards of 25 billion cards, making it one of the highest selling trading card games of all time.

Whether you have been a dedicated player or are just now getting involved with the card game, Pokémon cards are widely available, and new players especially can get access to all sorts of cards, packages, and sets to strengthen and diversify their deck.

About the Gameplay

Players essentially assume the role of the Pokémon trainer to strategically play their cards (Pokémon) against another player. Once an opponent’s Pokémon is hit with enough damage, it is then knocked out, and one of the goals of the game is to knock out the entirety of the opponent’s Pokémon. Most often, however, you will win after drawing all six Prize cards, which are drawn after a player knocks out an opponent’s Pokémon.

The prize cards you are setting out to win are the opponent’s cards, which he takes from the top of his deck and sets aside after drawing his own hand of seven cards. A player plays what are called Basic Pokémon cards, which are essentially the core playing cards and a requirement of the game, though are numerous other types of cards you can own and play with.

Collecting the Different Card Types

When it comes to Pokémon trading cards, Basic Pokémon decks consist of non-evolved Pokémon, so one of the more common types of cards are then evolved Pokémon, which you can use to strengthen your side. Plays also frequently use trainer cards and energy cards, but there are loads of additional cards and expansion packs to be collected as well.

Other cards such as Baby Pokémon, the Secret Rare Pokémon cards, Pokémon-GX cards, and a handful of others can also be collected and utilised in gameplay. Baby Pokémon, while typically having low HP, often have powerful attacks, and some of the rarest cards are obviously extremely valuable to have in gameplay. These are often distinguished by a foil-like backside with a gold outline.

There are a great number of expansion packs such as the Sun and Moon expansion, and you can also buy such things called booster packs that allow you strengthen certain decks, create new decks, or even customise old ones. Skilled players will understand the significance of each of the different decks, expansions, and sets, but new players will typically have to learn and understand each type so that they can better strategize on the playing field.

Play Competitively

As a global phenomenon, there are loads of opportunities to play in tournaments and for sport, and when you get involved in major tournaments, you may play will hundreds of different players and have the chance to earn considerably large prizes as well.